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The Netherlands is about the size of the state of Maryland. Yet it is home to almost 100 ski and snowboard centers. They even host official FIS competitions indoors.

The reason why this flat country is able to send skiers and snowboarders to the Winter Olympics, is because indoor centers make the snow sports very accessible. It enables skiers and snowboarders to train from early in the morning to late at night, year round.

For over twenty five years this concept has been popular in Europe. In the past ten years it has also gained popularity in Asia and Australia.

Indoor Ski USA is the exclusive US distributor of the Infinite Slope, the Disc Slope, the Portable Slope, and Pole Snow® Ski Grass.

We are very excited to now bring the indoor ski concept to the US:
  • to train competitive teams year round
  • to get children ready for their first trip to the snow
  • to introduce adults - who have always wanted to try, but didn't want to make the investment of going on a trip
  • to prepare for your annual ski trip and avoid the 'third day sore'
  • to bring the fun factor back to your work out
  • to offer companies a unique team building outing which caters to the passionate skier as well as the absolute beginners

We are revolutionizing the ski and snowboard industry by moving the mountains to the masses.

Who is it for

Existing Facilities

  • Demand for innovative
    approaches to health and fitness
  • Train your ski teams in house
  • Maximize revenue per
    square foot

Ski Resorts

  • Safe introduction for all
    beginners and children
  • Need summer business to survive
  • Train your ski teams
    year round


  • Turn passion into year
    round business
  • Turn key business
  • Create local ski and
    snowboard communities

Our Solutions

We can support your needs, from purchasing the equipment to working through
the details of set-up, training, and launch. Let us help you get started on the
road to a fun and profitable new business or support for an existing facility.

We are US based, and can provide year-round support for your
business from within the US.

Click on one of the solutions below to view more info.

Our most popular product is the Infinite Slope, a revolving slope, similar to a running treadmill, where you can adjust the speed and the angle of the slope depending on your level. It gives the user a real skiing or snowboarding experience.

The Infinite Slope is perfect for children and adults, to learn the basics of skiing and snowboarding, for the recreational skier to stay in shape and improve technique, or to be used for training exercises for professional skiers.

Our first Infinite Slope is 20+ years old, and still running smoothly.

Unique in the world, the Disc Slope combines the endless descent of the Infinite Slope with a continuous forward movement. One of the biggest advantages is that the user will experience the same feeling, forward speed, as out in the mountains.

The Disc Slope is shaped like an octagonal platform, which is mounted to the floor on gimbals. The platform allows a tilting, forward motion; the lowest point is continuously moving. It's ideal for uphill and downhill sports.

New model available from Spring 2016!

Now you can ski and ride anywhere you want! The Portable Slope, our latest innovation, launched due to high demand. The Portable Slope can be folded and put on a trailer. This mobility makes it easy to use it for different purposes, like trainings, demonstrations, promotions, shows and events.

The Portable Slope was developed to teach, train, and demonstrate the (basic) movements of several sports. The movement of the slope can go in both directions, to make it possible to train for downhill and uphill sports. The slope can be used for skiing and snowboarding, or cycling, mountain biking, hiking, cross-country skiing.

The perfect ski carpet is essential for dry slopes. That's why we offer you the best ski grass available: Pole Snow® Ski Grass. It is a high equivalent to snow for gliding and grip. The high fiber density per square feet provides a real snow ski and snowboard experience.

This high quality ski grass has been developed in cooperation with Dutch Mountains.


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